BLA Officers
President : Susan Rehder
Vice President: Susan Macksey
Treasurer: Susan Rehder
Secretary: Susan Macksey



The Burden Lake Association (BLA) is dedicated to the preservation and sustainability of our historic lake. BLA members are committed to being proactive and environmentally conscience in addition to creating community.

We are active participants in clearing our lake of non-native and invasive vegetation, always mindful of the environmental impact of our methods. Our commitment to community is strong. We organize and participate in several social activities and humanitarian causes for the entertainment and betterment of our lake community.


Election of Officers for 2015 will be at the August meeting. This past year of only two officers has been tough. Susan M. will not be running for re-election as Secretary. Susan S. is willing to stay on as Treasurer or even Treasurer/Secretary if necessary. But this association needs more officers. Frank Lewandusky from Gundrum Point Road has offered to run as President and is currently looking for other interested people.

Donate your returnables to the BLA Water Quality Fund

Drop off your empties at The Mobil-In bottle return center in the old Faith Mills on Burden Lake Road. Tell them they are for the BLA!

The story of the building
of the Burden Lakes
Fish 'o' the day!

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NYS boating information from the New York State Parks Marine and Recreational Vehicles web site.

Register your boat! The law requires any boat that is powered by a motor and operated on public waterways in New York to be registered. Registration is required even if the motor is not the primary means of propulsion.  Forms and information are available at the NYS DMV web site.


Upcoming Dates:
June 14th - Flag Day

June 17th - Membership Meeting

June 21st 9:00 AM - De-Sandbagging the outlet - Please volunteer

July 4th - Boat Regatta

July 12th/13th - BLA Picnic Location TBD

July 15th - Membership Meeting

August 19th - Annual Meeting

August 31st - Flares - Summer Goodbye!

September 16th - Membership Meeting

October 21st - Membership Meeting

All meetings 7:00 PM at Town Hall